In loving memory

The fact that you are here, reading this, is not just happenstance. You have been led here to walk this difficult journey with me. My prayer is that my voice will be yours, that my heart will be yours, that my journey will be yours. Some of us have words, and others have other giftings. I want these words to be words of expression and healing.

Welcome to The Missing Scott Chronicles, where I will pour my heart out, bare my grieving soul and, by sharing, hopefully ease my pain and that of others.

Scott Gordon, my love, my life, the other half of the one God made of us, went home to Heaven on November, 26, 2019. I am praying hard that I will not be a broken mother alone, for he was truly all the best of us both. The pain is crushing, the waves are overwhelming! And I often ask God to not make me stay here on Earth without him! But little, tear-filled eyes are looking up at me for strength. so I must remain strong.

Read Scott’s obituary here.

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