Please be waiting

Let me live again in your photograph, for you are written forever, an indelible love letter, upon my heart.

Certain swellings of symphonic music, a dog tilting its head in that questioning way. The way the firelight flickers off the wall behind your pillow, awakening for no reason to the sparkle of moon beam on the newly fallen snow. The purr of the cat as he tries to settle just right between us, the safety of your huge strong hand always enveloping my small one. I am afraid. I feel bereft. I feel so alone. I cannot speak but in fearful jagging sobs. I hear you, my love, through the screaming cacophony of pain…I can still hear your sweet voice. I wish I did not have to do this even for this flash, this moment, in time. But I know, I believe. God is real. Our faith is real. And home, is real. I know in Heaven there is no marriage or giving in marriage, but for us my Dearest Love, I think there must be. Please.. be waiting there, at the gate, for me! 💔

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